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Buttermilk bath soak

Buttermilk bath soak

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Give your skin so much needed love with buttermilk bath soak! Full of hydrating and softening buttermilk bath, essential oils and vitamin e oil. Soak with our buttermilk bath mixed with Epsom salt to soothe sore muscles. Made with buttermilk powder, organic Epsom salt, Dried Calendula, dried jasmine buds, organic eucalyptus, frankincense and myrrh, bergamot, organic chamomile, organic green mandarin, organic vitamin e oil, organic rose oil. One or two capfuls, soak for 40 mins- 1 hour to really allow your skin to soak up the milk bath. Buttermilk is high fat & has lactic acid to help soften and hydrate your skin. 

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